My Diet Diary

My Diet Diary 1.0

It is designed for those who want to keep track of weight lose on the PC
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Julie Stone

My Diet Diary is a software tool for those who want to keep track of weight lose on the PC.
It takes only minutes to get it but the reports it produces are very informative and helpful, please see the list of features below.

Main Features :
- Very simple to set up and use, once installed it will take you minutes to be up and running
- Track your weight by entering your regular weight in, the program will draw a graph showing your weight lose in relation to your target weight.
- Keep track of your calorie intake on a daily basis, enter the food and drink you have consumed throughout the day and the program will create a graph showing your calorie intake along side your allocated amount of calories. The graph will highlight whether or not you are exceeding targets
- My Diet Diary keeps track of the weight you have lost so far, the weight you have lost since your last weigh in, how much weight you still have to lose and of course your current weight.

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